Sunday, 26 March 2017

Thank you #TeamTBoss

The past week has been one of the fiercest weeks for the Tboss team since the beginning of the show, but we stayed true to our support for our favourite housemate.  She may be referred to as the most controversial but she doesn't conform to the regular.  They say she is not real but then again, being real doesn't mean she has to be a certain way.  We are all different and the Show in itself is a social experiment carefully patterned to resemble the world we live in.

So...A VERY BIG THANK YOU to all TBoss fans and supporters.  We certainly couldn't have come this far without your support.  You sacrificed you time and resources for someone you believe in and for that we are very grateful.

We are indeed hopeful that our efforts will not be in vain.  With this in mind, we say 'To the finals and beyond'.

TBoss in April of 2009 on her way to a church service in Lagos

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Thank you

Dear Friends of TBoss,

We can all agree that this week has been one busy busy week.  We have put our fingers to the task of voting, voting and voting some more for our Fave.  Many of you sacrificed so much and i'm sure we all did our best.  We're positive that our best is enough to keep TBoss in the house for the next couple of weeks and that's our stance.

We would like to thank you for your unwavering support, again and again.

While we bite our nails in anticipation for tomorrow's live eviction show, we would like to implore all our fans to continue to show love to everyone on social media.

Remember, #loveGod #lovePeople #teamtboss.

Hugs and Kisses.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Vote TBoss

Guys guys guys,

In exactly 3 days, the voting lines will be closed. Have you cast your votes yet? If you haven't what are you waiting for? Please please please, vote for TBoss.  She needs your votes to stay on in the Big Brother Naija Show.

Simply SMS 'Vote TBoss' to 32052 OR Download the wechat app, add/follow the Africa Magic Channel to vote.

Thank you
SMS 'Vote TBoss' to 32052 OR Download the wechap app, add/follow the Africa Magic channel and vote 

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

When life throws lemons at you...

...don't just make lemonades, add some sugar and then use it as a body scrub and shine on.  

It seems a lot of lemons are being thrown at the TBoss, while the aim is to bring her to her knees, she will rise above it that i am sure.  

For the purpose of clarity, i will bring to fore the statement made by Tboss today about finishing N25m within a week.  Ladies and Gentlemen lets be objective can we? First of all, what would you do if you came into N25m? I know what i would do...I would -

1. Build me a house, and brethren, let's not deceive ourselves, to build a house in Naija nor be beans.
2. Maintain relationships - Nigerians we are a communal people and truth be told, we always look out for one another, so if i come into N25m, you can be rest assured that my Family, Friends and their Families...are also into that N25m...
3. Invest whatever is left in some business venture. I would want to turnover that money so fast instead of letting it sit in a bank and just service a banker's cabal.
Knowing TBoss like i do, she would do the same thing and more.

More recently, pictures have been circulated about Tboss with a 'husband and child'.  Tboss is not married. Simple. Fullstop. The gentleman in the picture is Ekene Kelvin, a friend of Tboss.  They are not dating, they've never dated, they are not married.  

All this controversies coming at a time when she needs us the most, it seems that all the brouhaha is just to derail us from our purpose.  Dear Tboss Fans, you have stood with her through trying times and you really didn't have to but you did and from the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate you indeed.  

We need your support to keep her in the Big Brother Naija House.  We have done it before, we can surely do it again even when it looks like the odds are stacked against us.

I know you have been there for us this entire journey and yet we keep asking for more and more and some more.  That's because no man is an Island, we couldn't have come this far without your help.  

Please people, once again, I humbly request for your support for Tboss.

To Vote, please SMS 'Vote TBoss' to 32052 or download the wechat app on your mobile devices, add the Africa Magic Channel and vote.  

Remember folks, it's not every dog that barks that you stop to throw stones at, ignore the trolls on Social media and focus on voting to save your favourite Housemate - Tboss

We could never thank you enough, may the good Lord bless you.

SMS 'Vote TBoss' to 32052 or download wechat, add the Africa Magic Channel and vote for TBoss.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Thank you Tboss Fans

Dear Fans of Tboss,

We can't thank you enough for the love and affection you showed Tboss on her birthday.  It was incredibly heart-warming.  The videos, the messages on social media...multu-mesk.

I will continue to re-iterate, that we couldnt have come this far without all of you and we pray the good Lord bless and keep you.

And for all of you celebrating your birthdays in March, we sincerely celebrate with you and we wish you all the goodness you wish yourselves.

Happy birthday in arrears Miz J, your birthday was on the 8th of March.

Happy birthday Murphy as you celebrate today 11th March.  About that adoption plan, not sure if your family will let us have you.  Look at you, who would wanna let you go...LOL,

Happy Birthday Murphy from Kenya.  Tboss wishes you the best.

Best wishes.

Please drop your birth-dates on the comment box if you would like us to celebrate with you.


Thursday, 9 March 2017

Happy Birthday TBoss

Your life is an unwritten story that needs to be read
Each page is filled with your journey through life - the good times, hard times and the lessons you have learnt.
Nothing can stop you though, 
cos like the Phoenix, you always rise from the ashes of your past.

Every step of your beautiful life is like a multi-themed genre.
You make me laugh, cry and hold my breath in suspense.
With you, I can never know what to expect
Cos you are like Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.

Remember this dear friend,
As you turn another chapter in this wonderful unscripted scribble of your life,
My prayers will always go with you
Like a light house in the middle of the ocean
Guiding you to safety in the arms of Him that loves you most.


Love always, Noni

Saturday, 4 March 2017

After all said and done

And so guys the voting lines are closed for the week.  Thank you everyone who voted for Tboss.

You have been wonderful, every single one of you.  Saving Tboss will be the best birthday present ever... and a Rolls Royce maybe 😄 ...icing on the cake.

Thank you  Isha4Tboss, Amara, Miz J, Jenny, CEO Cwaya, Stankayy (you are far too kind), GrubsnBouchee, Maxwell Blier (You have to watch your grammer with this one), Chris, Debbie, Grey, Efua, Amy, Tboss Army, Jenn, Vanessa, Ehizode, Vins, Anneviv, Celeste, Mufasa, Vanessa, Maureen, KateFerry, Hannah, hmmm the Rich Wife, Betty, Roroh, Swazi Queen, Elizabeth, Monique, Chante, Dee,

A big shout out to our family on Instagram - Koksywoksy, Treasure_igbins, Osarisihope, didi_doll_face, Prettytigress27, Sweetgbemmz, ndyboss, Luvfyfy, Roxannegrey.elixir, sophy2409, Oputa.ngozi, Precious_sweet, Share_and_help, Marrilena, Mfon_grace123, Chizz_terry, Creamyforever, ...You guys are 54,000 reasons to say THANK YOU.

And from Twitter - All the lovely handles that recognize Tboss (Tbossspokesperson, Tboss and 97 others, Team Tboss, Selly luv Tboss, Tboss daily), then there is Camila, Farida, MarcXabiso, AndyLouis, ...We are grateful for your support.

We may not have mentioned you this time but we will get to it, never fear. Like we said before, don't be shy, please drop your names on the comment box, let's get to meet you.

And so dear people, like Oliver Twist, we must ask for more of your support.  We trust that you will always be there, every single week for Tboss.

Thank you.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Still on the Matter - Vote Tboss

We're still on the matter people. Cant stop now,  #VOTETBOSS is the new truth.

Remember guys, the show is for entertainment, I encourage all her fans never to resort to cyber bullying or name calling because it is low, if you feel you have to respond to some comment about your fave - #Tboss, do so in a clear courteous manner because that's how we are - posh and refined.  We're Bossposh.

Do not succumb to cyber bullying people.

Let's #mutualrespect everyone.

Love God, love people, #VOTETBOSS.

I will leave you with these gorgeous pics of the boss lady herself, i hope it keeps you awake at night until you vote vote vote.

Vote Tboss - SMS 'VOTE TBOSS' to 32052 or download the wechat app and join the Africamagic channel to vote.  

Vote Tboss - SMS 'VOTE TBOSS' to 32052 or download the wechat app and join the Africamagic channel to vote

Vote Tboss - SMS 'VOTE TBOSS' to 32052 or download the wechat app and join the Africamagic channel to vote

Vote Tboss - SMS 'VOTE TBOSS' to 32052 or download the wechat app and join the Africamagic channel to vote

Vote Tboss - SMS 'VOTE TBOSS' to 32052 or download the wechat app and join the Africamagic channel to vote