Saturday, 8 April 2017

BossNation - An unstoppable movement

Since the start of the show, the fans of TBoss have constantly been put on their toes and guess what... they've remained consistent in their support for the most controversial housemate of the Big Brother Naija 2017.

No fan base has been more loyal, no fan base has been more tested than the #BossNation.  You grew bigger when the battles were toughest and when everyone expected your love to wane, it waxed stronger.  You guys are the real MVPs.

No matter the outcome tomorrow, we are all winners.

#BossNation Rocks.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Thank you BossNation

Last week, just when we thought it would be smooth sailing to the finals, we discovered that there would be another eviction today 2nd of April, 2017.  We were like weary soldiers emerging from a fierce battle and just when we thought we were home and dry, we met a fiercer challenge but the #bossnation picked up arms, and fought HARD.

TBoss couldn't have asked for more loyal fans than she has now.  She's most blessed to have men and women like you standing solidly behind her.

We are really grateful for your support of love again and again.  We know that because of this, our Fave House-Mate, TBoss is headed to the finals.

You guys rock.  You are indeed the best.

We love all of you. TBoss loves you.