Saturday, 8 April 2017

BossNation - An unstoppable movement

Since the start of the show, the fans of TBoss have constantly been put on their toes and guess what... they've remained consistent in their support for the most controversial housemate of the Big Brother Naija 2017.

No fan base has been more loyal, no fan base has been more tested than the #BossNation.  You grew bigger when the battles were toughest and when everyone expected your love to wane, it waxed stronger.  You guys are the real MVPs.

No matter the outcome tomorrow, we are all winners.

#BossNation Rocks.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Thank you BossNation

Last week, just when we thought it would be smooth sailing to the finals, we discovered that there would be another eviction today 2nd of April, 2017.  We were like weary soldiers emerging from a fierce battle and just when we thought we were home and dry, we met a fiercer challenge but the #bossnation picked up arms, and fought HARD.

TBoss couldn't have asked for more loyal fans than she has now.  She's most blessed to have men and women like you standing solidly behind her.

We are really grateful for your support of love again and again.  We know that because of this, our Fave House-Mate, TBoss is headed to the finals.

You guys rock.  You are indeed the best.

We love all of you. TBoss loves you.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Thank you #TeamTBoss

The past week has been one of the fiercest weeks for the Tboss team since the beginning of the show, but we stayed true to our support for our favourite housemate.  She may be referred to as the most controversial but she doesn't conform to the regular.  They say she is not real but then again, being real doesn't mean she has to be a certain way.  We are all different and the Show in itself is a social experiment carefully patterned to resemble the world we live in.

So...A VERY BIG THANK YOU to all TBoss fans and supporters.  We certainly couldn't have come this far without your support.  You sacrificed you time and resources for someone you believe in and for that we are very grateful.

We are indeed hopeful that our efforts will not be in vain.  With this in mind, we say 'To the finals and beyond'.

TBoss in April of 2009 on her way to a church service in Lagos

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Thank you

Dear Friends of TBoss,

We can all agree that this week has been one busy busy week.  We have put our fingers to the task of voting, voting and voting some more for our Fave.  Many of you sacrificed so much and i'm sure we all did our best.  We're positive that our best is enough to keep TBoss in the house for the next couple of weeks and that's our stance.

We would like to thank you for your unwavering support, again and again.

While we bite our nails in anticipation for tomorrow's live eviction show, we would like to implore all our fans to continue to show love to everyone on social media.

Remember, #loveGod #lovePeople #teamtboss.

Hugs and Kisses.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Vote TBoss

Guys guys guys,

In exactly 3 days, the voting lines will be closed. Have you cast your votes yet? If you haven't what are you waiting for? Please please please, vote for TBoss.  She needs your votes to stay on in the Big Brother Naija Show.

Simply SMS 'Vote TBoss' to 32052 OR Download the wechat app, add/follow the Africa Magic Channel to vote.

Thank you
SMS 'Vote TBoss' to 32052 OR Download the wechap app, add/follow the Africa Magic channel and vote 

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

When life throws lemons at you...

...don't just make lemonades, add some sugar and then use it as a body scrub and shine on.  

It seems a lot of lemons are being thrown at the TBoss, while the aim is to bring her to her knees, she will rise above it that i am sure.  

For the purpose of clarity, i will bring to fore the statement made by Tboss today about finishing N25m within a week.  Ladies and Gentlemen lets be objective can we? First of all, what would you do if you came into N25m? I know what i would do...I would -

1. Build me a house, and brethren, let's not deceive ourselves, to build a house in Naija nor be beans.
2. Maintain relationships - Nigerians we are a communal people and truth be told, we always look out for one another, so if i come into N25m, you can be rest assured that my Family, Friends and their Families...are also into that N25m...
3. Invest whatever is left in some business venture. I would want to turnover that money so fast instead of letting it sit in a bank and just service a banker's cabal.
Knowing TBoss like i do, she would do the same thing and more.

More recently, pictures have been circulated about Tboss with a 'husband and child'.  Tboss is not married. Simple. Fullstop. The gentleman in the picture is Ekene Kelvin, a friend of Tboss.  They are not dating, they've never dated, they are not married.  

All this controversies coming at a time when she needs us the most, it seems that all the brouhaha is just to derail us from our purpose.  Dear Tboss Fans, you have stood with her through trying times and you really didn't have to but you did and from the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate you indeed.  

We need your support to keep her in the Big Brother Naija House.  We have done it before, we can surely do it again even when it looks like the odds are stacked against us.

I know you have been there for us this entire journey and yet we keep asking for more and more and some more.  That's because no man is an Island, we couldn't have come this far without your help.  

Please people, once again, I humbly request for your support for Tboss.

To Vote, please SMS 'Vote TBoss' to 32052 or download the wechat app on your mobile devices, add the Africa Magic Channel and vote.  

Remember folks, it's not every dog that barks that you stop to throw stones at, ignore the trolls on Social media and focus on voting to save your favourite Housemate - Tboss

We could never thank you enough, may the good Lord bless you.

SMS 'Vote TBoss' to 32052 or download wechat, add the Africa Magic Channel and vote for TBoss.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Thank you Tboss Fans

Dear Fans of Tboss,

We can't thank you enough for the love and affection you showed Tboss on her birthday.  It was incredibly heart-warming.  The videos, the messages on social media...multu-mesk.

I will continue to re-iterate, that we couldnt have come this far without all of you and we pray the good Lord bless and keep you.

And for all of you celebrating your birthdays in March, we sincerely celebrate with you and we wish you all the goodness you wish yourselves.

Happy birthday in arrears Miz J, your birthday was on the 8th of March.

Happy birthday Murphy as you celebrate today 11th March.  About that adoption plan, not sure if your family will let us have you.  Look at you, who would wanna let you go...LOL,

Happy Birthday Murphy from Kenya.  Tboss wishes you the best.

Best wishes.

Please drop your birth-dates on the comment box if you would like us to celebrate with you.


Thursday, 9 March 2017

Happy Birthday TBoss

Your life is an unwritten story that needs to be read
Each page is filled with your journey through life - the good times, hard times and the lessons you have learnt.
Nothing can stop you though, 
cos like the Phoenix, you always rise from the ashes of your past.

Every step of your beautiful life is like a multi-themed genre.
You make me laugh, cry and hold my breath in suspense.
With you, I can never know what to expect
Cos you are like Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.

Remember this dear friend,
As you turn another chapter in this wonderful unscripted scribble of your life,
My prayers will always go with you
Like a light house in the middle of the ocean
Guiding you to safety in the arms of Him that loves you most.


Love always, Noni

Saturday, 4 March 2017

After all said and done

And so guys the voting lines are closed for the week.  Thank you everyone who voted for Tboss.

You have been wonderful, every single one of you.  Saving Tboss will be the best birthday present ever... and a Rolls Royce maybe 😄 ...icing on the cake.

Thank you  Isha4Tboss, Amara, Miz J, Jenny, CEO Cwaya, Stankayy (you are far too kind), GrubsnBouchee, Maxwell Blier (You have to watch your grammer with this one), Chris, Debbie, Grey, Efua, Amy, Tboss Army, Jenn, Vanessa, Ehizode, Vins, Anneviv, Celeste, Mufasa, Vanessa, Maureen, KateFerry, Hannah, hmmm the Rich Wife, Betty, Roroh, Swazi Queen, Elizabeth, Monique, Chante, Dee,

A big shout out to our family on Instagram - Koksywoksy, Treasure_igbins, Osarisihope, didi_doll_face, Prettytigress27, Sweetgbemmz, ndyboss, Luvfyfy, Roxannegrey.elixir, sophy2409, Oputa.ngozi, Precious_sweet, Share_and_help, Marrilena, Mfon_grace123, Chizz_terry, Creamyforever, ...You guys are 54,000 reasons to say THANK YOU.

And from Twitter - All the lovely handles that recognize Tboss (Tbossspokesperson, Tboss and 97 others, Team Tboss, Selly luv Tboss, Tboss daily), then there is Camila, Farida, MarcXabiso, AndyLouis, ...We are grateful for your support.

We may not have mentioned you this time but we will get to it, never fear. Like we said before, don't be shy, please drop your names on the comment box, let's get to meet you.

And so dear people, like Oliver Twist, we must ask for more of your support.  We trust that you will always be there, every single week for Tboss.

Thank you.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Still on the Matter - Vote Tboss

We're still on the matter people. Cant stop now,  #VOTETBOSS is the new truth.

Remember guys, the show is for entertainment, I encourage all her fans never to resort to cyber bullying or name calling because it is low, if you feel you have to respond to some comment about your fave - #Tboss, do so in a clear courteous manner because that's how we are - posh and refined.  We're Bossposh.

Do not succumb to cyber bullying people.

Let's #mutualrespect everyone.

Love God, love people, #VOTETBOSS.

I will leave you with these gorgeous pics of the boss lady herself, i hope it keeps you awake at night until you vote vote vote.

Vote Tboss - SMS 'VOTE TBOSS' to 32052 or download the wechat app and join the Africamagic channel to vote.  

Vote Tboss - SMS 'VOTE TBOSS' to 32052 or download the wechat app and join the Africamagic channel to vote

Vote Tboss - SMS 'VOTE TBOSS' to 32052 or download the wechat app and join the Africamagic channel to vote

Vote Tboss - SMS 'VOTE TBOSS' to 32052 or download the wechat app and join the Africamagic channel to vote

Vote Tboss - SMS 'VOTE TBOSS' to 32052 or download the wechat app and join the Africamagic channel to vote

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

What is Big Brother Naija 2017 without Tboss...

Big Brother Naija 2017 without Tboss is like watching your favourite show without that character that gives it the hmmph, the punch, the whatchamacallit now…the spice. She is to BBN what 
1. Penny is to ‘Big Bang Theory’
2. A combination of Jane and Petra in ‘Jane the Virgin’
3. That crazy sexy smart Jane in ‘Being Mary Jane’
4. Jessica Pearson in ‘Suits’
5. Annalise Keating in ‘How to get away with murder’
And my all time favourite, 
6. A cross between Daenerys Targaryen and Brienne of Tarth in ‘Game of Thrones’

Love her or hate her, Tboss is badass, beautiful, intelligent, emotional, very human (with flaws and all).  She will put you in your place, not afraid to say her mind, never indulges in gossiping, quick to apologise without holding any grudges.
That is why she needs to remain in the show, we need to see more of strong women on our TVs.   Women who are not afraid to take chances, explore, live life to the fullest and still be as beautiful as our Tboss.

Vote for Tboss people.  Morning, afternoon and night…like it’s your daily dose of Entertainment vitality. To vote, 

SMS the words "Vote Tboss" to  32052


Download the wechat app, add the Africamagic channel and click on the BBNaija link which is located on the lower right side of the screen and select 'Tboss' and click away till you get to 100 votes.  Do not share your votes...I repeat...DO NOT SHARE.  😊

Monday, 27 February 2017

Vote Tboss

Hello guys,

My friend, Tboss is an house mate in the Big Brother Naija 2017 show and she has been nominated for eviction this coming Sunday 4th March, 2017.  I need your votes to keep her in the house, i would like for her to celebrate her birthday in the BBN house come 9th of March.  I don't want her out of that house just yet.

This is an appeal to everyone reading this.  Please vote to keep my friend in the show.  To vote, please follow the following steps:

SMS the words "Vote Tboss" to  32052


Download the wechat app, add the Africamagic channel and click on the BBNaija link which is located on the lower right side of the screen and select 'Tboss' and click away.

This applies to Nigerian viewers only.  Remember, when voting via SMS follow the rules below:
1.  DO NOT use hashtags in your text.
2. Always use the word 'Vote' before Tboss name.
3. DO NOT vote for 2 housemates in one SMS
4. DO NOT add any more words to the words 'Vote Tboss' in your SMS
5. Please Keep it Simple, just text 'Vote Tboss' to 32052.

SMS - 'Vote Tboss' to short code 32052 OR download Wechat app, add the Africa Magic Channel and vote for Tboss on the Big Brother Naija show

Dear Fans, i know you love Tboss and i love her too, we all do but please let's desist from cursing other housemates, Tboss wouldn't like that, trust me.  This is a game, we hope that our favourite housemate makes it to the very end but we will always play fair.

Remember, Love God, Love People, Vote Tboss.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

All about Tboss

Hello Fans,

Over the weeks since the Big Brother Naija show began airing, I have had so many people call me to ask a variety of questions about Tboss.  I'm going to try and answer all the questions using this medium over a couple of weeks.  Let's do this.

What is Tboss DOB
Tboss was born, 9th of March.

How old is Tboss?
Tboss is 32 years and will be 33 on her next birthday 9th of March.

Is Tboss married?
Tboss is not married and she is not in any relationship presently.

Does Tboss have a job?
Tboss is the head of Marketing, DarkKnights Motorsports.  Please refer to this blog's post 'All in a day's job - DarkKnight Motorsports'.

Does Tboss have any children?
Tboss has no kids yet.

What's her best food?
Tboss is a lover of food, GOOD FOOD. Good healthy, nice looking food (not that foul looking stuff they were served with during the 'fear and superstition week' at the BBN house).  She eats Amala, Ofada rice, Ogbonno, Afang, Oha....  She is adventurous enough to try cuisine from different countries and love it.  She wont try snails though, nope.

Why wont Tboss dance?
She believes she cannot dance and would rather not try it for fear of looking foolish.  Read about this on 'To dance or not to dance'. 

What's Tboss favourite colour?
Hmmmm...hmmmm, Tboss likes to wear dark toned colours and she also likes white...if i were to pick her favourite colours, i'd say blue, black, white, red, ...

What does Tboss like doing?
I could go on and on about this.  She likes to cook, clean. She comes alive at night and she would put on some music and start cleaning, that's what earned her the name 'Vampy'.  You may have noticed that she is particular about cleaning in the BBN house.  That is who she is.  Tboss has OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, she gets irritated when things are not in order or a place is untidy.

What schools did Tboss attend?
Tboss completed her Secondary School education at the Federal Government Girls' College, Calabar in 2001.  
She did a stint at the University of Abuja where she studied Law for close to a year from 2003 to 2004.  
This was closely followed by a degree in Political Science from the University of Bucharest, Romania in 2008.
University of Bucharest, Romania in 2008

Got any more questions about Tboss? Please drop your questions on the comment boxes and i'll definitely get to answer them.

Have a beautiful week.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

All in a day's job - DarkKnight Motorsports

A few days ago, Tboss mentioned to Banky W that she was the Head of marketing of DarkKnight Motorsports Limited. Yes she is and yes DarkKnight Motorsports does exist and it has been in existence for 8 years.  DarkKnight Motorsports or DKMS is an indigenous organization primarily tasked with with developing motorsports in Nigeria in partnership with the Nigerian Ministry of Youth and Sports Development.The organization is a platform which conducts, supervises and sanctions both professional and amateur motorsport activites.

Motorsports trend across the world and has been a source of tourist attractions in various centres across the globe including Dakar, Dubai, Lebanon .  DKMS is set to position itself along with other major local and international brands to participate in such events and as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, the DKMS is working, along with the Ministry of Youth and development to create Jobs and empower the Nigerian youth. 
Left to Right: Mohammed Suleiman (Director, DarkKnights Motorsports), Ademola Are (Director of Grassroot Sports Development, Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports), Tboss (Head of Marketing, DarkKnights Motorsports), Christian Chinyeaka Ohaa (Permament Secretary - Ministry of Youth and Sports Development), a friend of DKMS and Abdulmalik Kusherki (Head of Operations, DarkKnights Motorsports)
Tboss is really passionate about youth development and she has been in the front lines of the DKMS pursuit to get the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development to collaborate with the organization. As Head of Marketing Tboss has been able to promote DKMS as the next most viable form of marketing for companies like Glo, Airtel, Samsung, First Bank, UBA and the list goes on. Motorsport being able to attract thousands of attendees would not only encourage competitive sportsmanship but will also present a huge platform for brands to become visible to a set target demographic. Darkknight Motorsports Limited in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development will soon reveal the plans to put together a Go Kart track in Abuja. Most major professional racers started with Go Karting and they are also about to build a platform which would develop the future of Nigerian motorsports. Also a Drift Arena will also be built to further develop the motorsport known as Drifting which is very popular in Abuja. This is just the tip of the iceberg because what Tboss and her team are doing has never been done in Nigeria and Tboss can only show you all rather than simply talk it.  

For more information, please visit  

With fans like this...

…the world is your oyster baby. 

Shout out to all the people that support Tboss, who have stood by her through the weeks, from the moment she walked on stage till now.  You recognized that she’s human and has flaws, but everybody deserves a 2nd, 3rd, and even a 4th chance.  You didn’t conform to the usual but you reached for the most unlikely. 

This is to all of you out there, who have stood by her when she stood alone, fought for her, cried with her and shared her laughter.  We may have no idea where this journey will lead but we're grateful that you have stood with
Tboss every step of the way

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you Leylah Scarlet, Monique, Isha, Mufasa, Cantinah, Chase, Betty, Rosie, Kate Ferry, Mbie, Lebo Twala, Dee, Mildred, Jenny, Maureen, Miz J, Richard, Amara precious, Chano, Presh, Hephzibah, Sayrah, Debbie Owen, Blepat, Vikkydanny, Gwen, Mulla, Sera, Steven, Glosh, Vicky, Kimani, Indiana, Elizabeth and all the Whatsapp family.

You guys are a ROCK.  Against the cultural divide, from SA, Kenya, even Uganda wasn’t left out.  You threw in your support from Ghana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and back home in Nigeria...  Truly love knows no boundaries.

Across the social media platforms – Twitter, facebook, Instagram we acknowledge your support dear fan pages.  @tbossdefence (that’s right you are now, @holytboss…you make us so happy with your sharp tweets),@tbossarmy, @teamtboss, you are the life of twitter. I see @tboss_bbnaija123 on Instagram and I see love.  Thank you.

There’s no way I could forget all our IG fans.  We may not always mention you but we see you – wuwu_u, Tonye_01, Maxwellblier, ms_patco, osarisihope, mzcocogirl, vicksjj, luvfyfy....

Thank you all so much for standing with #Tboss.

And for the Fan Fam not mentioned here, dont be shy, drop your name or nickname in the comment box and we'll be sure to mention you in our next Fan Fam shout out.  Know this for sure, we appreciate you.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Inima De Tigan - Heart of a Gypsy (1)

On February 16th 2017 I was watching the Big Brother Naija Musical performance by the Housemates.  It was really good what they did with the little they had.  Thumbs up to ThinTallTony, a masterpiece of artistry I must say.  He’ll make a good director that one. 

Of particular interest to me of course was Tboss’s performance.  I bet she was worried she wouldn’t do so well or would fall face flat or … she turned out really perfect.  Perfect, fullstop.  Big brother must have thought they were so good that he rewarded them with pizza and drinks and then…Tboss did something that most people wouldn’t do for their friends.  How many of the Big Brother Housemates have friendships so deep that they would take time out to read the days (note they don’t have calendars or wristwatches in the house with them), carefully plan out the day and then honour their friends on live TV? This girl knew that her best friends birthday was on February 16th, 2 days after valentine’s day and she waited until she got everyone together and wished her friend a happy birthday.  If that is not loyalty and friendship, I wonder what is?  She wears her emotions on her sleeves as well as her love for the people that are close to her heart.  She said something to her friend that day, she said, “…maybe one day you will get to meet my new family…” Family?  Family.  She considers her fellow housemates her family and she is indeed right because this her people that have been cooped in that space for her for this long, they might as well be her family. 
People say she is manipulative, ok, I get that.  Manipulative, maybe.  Let’s take a look at her ‘manipulative’ strategies so far:

1.       She put Miyonse up for Eviction and then went back to ask Biggie to reverse it. 
2.       She ‘manipulatively’ cried when she let Efe down because she had given up their slot for cooking the Indomie challenge.
3.       The audacity of the young lady to manipulate the housemates into singing a birthday song for her best friend just to earn our votes.  *gasp*
4. How about when she asked Biggie to get Efe a gift...a birthday gift.  Hmmm!!! 
Let’s not forget this is someone that beat herself up over not getting the answers to Biggie’s high stake game on Sunday the 19th.  Was she trying to manipulate the viewers to loving her, feeling sorry for her, voting for her…?  The judging scales are in your hands, weigh them out. 

Tboss wears her emotions on her sleeves, whether it is love, disgust, dislike.  She cannot carefully conceal her thoughts or feelings.  We the viewers see all of this and of course we are quick to dish out our judgments (laden with spoonful of derogatory and wounding comments).  That’s okay isn’t it, that’s what she is up there for, our very own entertainment. 

 I believe that Tboss whom we often refer to as the 'Inima De Tigan' (Heart of a Gypsy)  has no idea how great she is and this might just be her weakness.  

Friday, 17 February 2017

Tboss - A way with animals

Tboss loves animals as long as they're cute, flurry, she'll take her chance with lions even.  Not me.  Nope, animals are cute from far off. Finish.

She had a scare once though, she picked up a chick who was lagging behind its mother and the mother hen flew at her trying to peck out her eyes.  That didn't serve her right.  She still goes around picking up animals,  Nne why?

I cant deal.  I'm out.

Unity in Diversity

I have never come across two people who behave the exact same way – talk alike, think alike, act alike.  They might have some similarities, yeah but they’re never always the same. 

Nigeria is like a boiling pot of ethnicity and temperaments.  The Yorubas are known for their boisterousness, the Igbos are known to be industrious,  and the Calabars… well they’re known for a lot of things.  Things is, with all our differences we learn to tolerate each other so well that we make other nations envy our way of life, (maybe not our economy). 

I think the essence of the big brother Naija 2017 is to capture the rainbow of our cultural heritage and the raw talents that exist in the Nigerian.  When we watch the show, our focus shouldn't necessarily be on who is real or not real just by our own perceived views of what is real and what is not real.  

Just because one person can not speak the Naija pidgin so well doesn’t make him or her less Naija than the one who does.  The show has opened my eyes to the rich varieties of personalities we possess as Nigerians.  There is the quiet unassuming Nigerian, the loud obnoxious entertaining Nigerian, the sweet and silly Nigerian, the Nigerian that is just loved by everyone else but we don’t know why, ‘we just like am, we dey feel the guy’, then there is the diva that nobody really understands so it’s just easy to write her off or cast her down.  All of these people are Nigerians, na their way be that. E nor mean say becos I nor dey like A or B, I dey better than them, A and B get their style, my own style is completely different. 

The housemates are in the house to offer some sort of entertainment and cussing them out is not going to epp any one.  We should just really relax and enjoy the show the same way we do ‘telemundo’ or ‘supersports’ (guys go dey abuse me for this one), or whatever show takes your fancy.  Respect the individuality of each housemates and just enjoy them for who they are. 


Thursday, 16 February 2017

A bond like no other

Once you become her friend, you automatically become part of her family.  No lies
They draw you in, feed you fat and never mind that you don’t understand the string of Romania that is being spoken over your head, just make you part of them.
Her family stands by each other in everything.  They’re a curious blend of differences.  Very Nigerian, very Romanian.  Go figure.  

They’re a loyal bunch too. Loyal to family, loyal to friends. I recently read that some quarters went on the internet claiming that Tboss's family were ashamed of her and had written her off.  That is untrue.  Her family are solidly behind her, if they have anything against her they wont go public with it, they’d wait until they were safely behind their doors, lock the doors, have a heated argument in very rapid Romania and then come out like
 ‘this is our smiling face’.

And of course, family protects you from hurting yourself, that is why, many years ago, Tboss was singing along to Busta Rhymes/Mariah Carey 'I know what you want', she said “I will climb the mountain high…”  Christo interrupted her with a warning “You go just fall”.  She didn't fall then and she is not about to fall now because she has people like Christo always fighting for her, defending her and no matter how hard they fight each other, nothing will ever break their bond. 

Oh! and FYI,  if Tboss and Goldilocks are having an argument, stay out of it.  Those 2 will come together in no time and you’ll be left sweating like a fish out of water. 

Family is everything.

Monday, 13 February 2017

You gotta kiss a lot of frogs...

Tboss loves to love and … love… and love again…and love some more.  She watches Indian movies a lot cos they feed her belief in the 'forever after'(the frustrating thing is she cries along with them 😬😬😬).   If I had a penny for every time the ‘loving’ boomeranged, I would be sitting on a gold mine but she never gives up, she just keeps loving.  I have little patience for love but Tboss is in love with the concept of love.  

Deep down though, i know she really wants to be with the 'one' and in a quest to find him...she has had her fair share of frogs.  That girl has kissed different species of frogs.  There was the:

1.      Wood Frog:  I didn’t like the wood frog at first, until I got to know him.  He was funny and sensitive and treated Tboss like she was the centre of his world.  
2.      I never met the Pickerel Frog, but he could have been the one to turn to a prince but for an unfortunate accident. C'est la vie. 
3.      The Common Frog was just that, common.  There was nothing special about this one.  He went off into the sunset with another damsel and left Tboss with a heart ache the size of Australia.
4.      Hahahahaha.  I have no idea why I chose to call this one the ‘Cuban tree frog’, He was a joke right from the start but we weren't laughing when it ended.
5.      The Gray tree frog was a ninja when it came to hiding his true nature. Dude was the sleek operator until his insecurities hit us smack in the behind.

Seriously though, it's not just the guys that Tboss loves, she does try to reach out to the ladies as well (not to kiss them or anything funky like that, just as friends) but seeing as we ladies tend to pull each other down like a strong holds in an MFM retreat, she withdraws to herself.  She has a big heart and its easy for people to just take advantage of that.  Watching her on the Big Brother Naija show got me afraid.

Will she kiss anymore people in there? I dunno, i just know that decision is hers alone to make.
Will she be hated if she kisses someone else in the big brother naija house? Heck, yeah. The notion that Tboss wont have haters is like believing that 'green flying horses' exist. Her family and close friends have her back so let them bring it on.

I salute Tboss because she's not afraid to put her faith out there.  Love her or hate her, she will be, who she will be. She wont give up on love i know.  No matter where (in the big brother house or not) or who it is with (T&C apply), Tboss will kiss a lot of frogs until she finds her prince Charming and there's nothing no one can do about it. 

Happy Valentine's day Lovers.   

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Tboss - To dance or not to dance

Goldilocks (Tboss sister) and myself used to dance a lot.  That house in Etonko street Calabar, holds a lot of memories for us, *sigh*.  Once their Father was out of the way, we would rock to Kevin Little or Sean Paul or whatever was trending then, trying out the different moves seen on the musical videos in front of a mirror until we got it right.  Not so, Tboss.  She would sit in a corner watching us with a small wishful smile on her face.  I tried everything to get her to dance to no avail.  One of those days, I tried to pull her forcefully out of the chair onto the ‘dance floor’  and almost lost my arm in the process.  She resisted me with so much strength, damn!!! That girl is every level of strong.  Never underestimate her. 

She always has that wishful smile on her face every time she sees people dancing, I mean really dancing.  She’ll whip out her camera and record their dancing so she could watch it later.  I believe she really wants to dance but there’s no clear communication between her legs and her head.  I imagine that the conversation between her head and her legs would go thus:

Brain: Go left
Feet: (Going right)
Brain: (yelling) The other left stupid, too late beat has changed, shake your booty now…
Feet: (completely out of sync) stop yelling at me, why don’t you shake your booty if you think it is that easy.

The result of this conversation is an uncoordinated robotic movement.  She did try to dance once in a Romanian club but that attempt was shot down by her sister – Goldilocks who told her “What are you doing? Don’t do that again, go and sit down before you embarrass me”.  That was the end of dancing for her. 

One day in preparation for a Night out, we ‘hired’ another friend to ‘teach’ her some moves.  Tonye made some progress that night, we at least got her to move from side to side and to clap her hands in time to the move.  When we got home that night, Tboss told me, as she wiped make up off her face, “I’d give anything to dance the way you guys do”.

TBoss – The Miss-Understood

I remember the first time I met T-boss.  It was in 1998 I think, at a mutual friends house.  I hated her, gawd, I hated her.  She was beautiful, with skin so tanned and dark eyes that bore into my mind reminding me that she was indeed beautiful.  I didn’t want to be reminded so I stopped looking into her eyes.  Her hair was in place, every strand neatly pressed and smacked down with gel (I’m sure it was one of those black gels that were in the markets that period) and nails trimmed to absolute obedience.  She was perfecto. I didn’t like that this small town Calabar Chick made me feel so inadequate.  It wasn’t her fault that my over processed hair was wild and untamable or that my nails were screaming ‘ I dig soil for fun’, nope that didn’t help.  She smiled at me that day and I froze, I must have scowled back because the smile disappeared.  We didn’t speak to each other that day but the next time we met, she smiled and said to me ‘Can I count your braids?’.  From that moment on, we became friends. 

I began to get a glimpse into the soul of a young girl everyone thought was aloof, proud, snobbish.  It’s easy to miss-understand Tboss, she carries herself with a certain air of elegance that can be translated into snobbery but over the years I have come to realize this is her way of hiding her own feeling of inadequacy or of not belonging, never fully belonging to a clique, a people, a tribe.  She’s human, even more so than the good people I know – me included.  She will give her last meal to a starving friend, take the cloth off her back to cover the nakedness of a total stranger.  She has given money to a little girl on the streets selling oranges, who was afraid to go home because she’d lost all the money she had.  That doesn’t make her awesome, it just makes her human. 

We used to hang out on the balcony of the Idowu house a lot and so it was, on that same balcony, 2 broke girls decided to start an NGO where we would cater to youths and women in homes of domestic violence.  Life got in the way of that dream…for me at least, but not for Tboss.  She currently is working to empower youths as the head, marketing of Dark Knights Motor Sports.  Her desire to empower youths has led her into the corridors of power in a bid to get government attention to the gains of engaging young Nigerian youths through competitive events involving the use of motorized vehicles.

The thing is, Tboss might come off as being proud, but her friends are everyday people, people she is comfortable with, people like Ekene the cook, the fabric seller in Wuse Market, Rufus the Cab driver, Tonye who works in a bank, all of them ordinary people.  They have seen past the beautiful face and the bougie clothes, to them, Tboss is soul. Then there is her family, to them, Tboss is everything.